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The teen and young adult years are tough. The pressures of school, friends, parents and everything else you have to deal with can get overwhelming pretty quickly. But here at DASIUM we know things can get better when you take things one moment at a time.

Co-founder Geoffrey Davis has been there. He has battled his inner demons, made attempts to end his life, taken drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and has finally found peace. Today at 22 years old Geoffrey is on a mission to help teens and young adults just like you know two things:

“You Are Not Alone”
“It’s OK to not be OK”

Whatever you’re thinking, whatever you’re feeling, know that someone understands – we understand. Millions of people have gone through whatever it is you are experiencing and have discovered with help and support they were able to get relief and, most importantly, find peace. If you are struggling reach out and remember to:

your purpose

What are you looking for?

Maybe you are checking out what we have, maybe you are worried about a friend, or maybe you are having a hard time – no matter what brought you here we are glad you came. Here at DASIUM we know that it can be challenging to balance all that you have going on in your life and we want to help by sharing some tips, videos and information that will help you along the way.

As a little kid you learned how to walk and talk; as a teen/young adult you are constantly learning new skills that will help you find success and happiness in your life. At DASIUM we believe that learning how to manage anxiety and stress, deal with your parents and have healthy relationships is a big part of that. Here are some great tips:

Manage Stress and Anxiety:

Managing stress and anxiety is such an important skill to learn as you navigate the challenges of school, relationships and important decisions about your future. We will be coming out with some great stuff that will help you out, including some simple tips to take the edge off. Here are some tips to get you started.

7 tips for stress relief

Dealing with Parents, Friends & Life:

“They just don’t get it” — “They’ll never understand” — “They don’t have a clue”.
How many times have you said those same things? Probably too many to count. Funny thing? Your parents say the exact same things about you. Being a teen and young adult is tough. We aren’t going to lie and sometimes our parents just don’t get it. Here at DASIUM we do believe that life is very different today than it was when Mom and Dad were your age. Things like social media and online bullying didn’t even exist back in the old days. And having to decide what you want to do with your life before you sign up for high school classes was unheard of. But that’s the reality of life today. So no, they may not get it. But we do. In the coming months we will be rolling out various resources, videos and information to help you deal with your parents, manage your daily life and find the support you need. Here are a few tips to get things started:

Parent Talk 101:

Talking to our parents isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Keep them in the loop about the little things; it makes the hard conversations easier.
  • Talking to your parents doesn’t mean you’re acting like a kid again. You can ask their opinion and you don’t have to accept everything they say.
  • A respectful tone goes a long way.
  • Timing is everything. When you have bad news or want a favor pick a time when mom or dad is relaxed and open to chatting. When they are rushing off to work is NOT the time to bring up a failing grade or ask for a favor.
  • Remember, your parents love you. They care and want what’s best for you – even if they don’t always do such a great job of showing it or saying it.
  • In some cases, it just may not be possible to talk to your parents. Find a trusted aunt, teacher or counselor to reach out to.

Friendship Tips:

  • Choose to be friends with people who accept you for who you are and make you feel good about yourself.
  •  Understand it’s not your responsibility to fix anyone else’s problems. You can support your friend by listening and showing you care.
  • Never forget:


Get Help

Help is only a text or phone call away. No matter how bad it seems, there are people who can help. Below are different places that have programs and information that can help you manage all that’s going on. From emergency services to someone you can talk to, the contacts below are there to help you:

CALL 911

SUICIDE HOTLINE 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)

For help with anything else, day or night:

  • Text Crisis Line: Text “START” to 741-741 for help any time day or night
  • 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)


If you are feeling hopeless or thinking of taking your own life, use these numbers. If you are worried about a friend, tell them AND give them the numbers. If they are talking about suicide, reach out or call immediately.

Additional Support

Here are some additional places you can get help beyond your parents, counselor or friends:

Anorexia and Eating Disorders
The National Eating Disorders Association’s help line is: (630) 577-1330  >> The helpline operates 9 AM-5 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday. Their email address is:

Email: or Call 800-366-8288 for information on seeking help.

Alcohol/Substance Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous

Support for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Youth

  • GLBT National Youth Talk

Call 1-800-246-7743 (click here for hours)
Email the GLBT National Youth Talk =>