Our Speakers

From college campuses to military installations and many places in between, we share a message of hope. Here’s our team in action.


MOAA WFS 9.10.14 Breakout session JudyOur speakers’ unique backgrounds and experiences help us customize presentations for your audience while sharing both the parent and child perspectives. Our parent speakers have a wide range of experiences including: parenting teens and college students in crisis, raising children in an active-duty military family, and supporting young adults dealing with various mental and behavioral health issues. They understand the importance of walking through recovery as a family and share both their challenges and successes. Our young speakers share their experiences openly, honestly and from their hearts. They are young adults who’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction, cutting and suicide attempts.


Topics and Seminars

Our speakers, experts and panelists tackle the tough topics and real life concerns surrounding teen depression, addiction and suicide in an engaging and effective way, bringing a message of hope and guiding teens to reach out. They share their stories in a raw and relevant way while providing information and action steps that save lives.

From keynotes and break-out sessions to panels and round table leaders, we have the speaker to meet your needs.

Below are our core talk topics which can be customized for your audience.
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See our Resources page for information on resources available for distribution at events, part of a campaign or as a stand-alone support item.

To discover which program is right for you, call Judy Davis at 41DASIUM11 => (413) 274-8611 or email her at info@Dasium.net.


Colleges and High Schools

Download our college program sheet for more details.
Download our high school programs sheet for more details.

  • Student Seminar: Are You or a Friend at Risk?
  • Family Seminar: Is Your Teen at Risk?
  • Faculty/Staff Seminar: Crisis on the Horizon
  • Student Seminar: Live to Tell Your Story – A Message of Hope

Schools we worked with for the 2015-16 academic year: Texas Tech and University of Michigan

Military Dependent Programs

Download our military programs sheet for more detail.

  • Family Seminar: Is Your Military Teen at Risk?
  • Staff & Leadership Seminar: Crisis on the Horizon
  • Military Teen Seminar: Live to Tell Your Story – A Message of Hope

Installations and events we’ve spoken at: MOAA, Vance Airforce Base, Camp Lejeune, USAA DigiMil Ex, Fort Benning, Peterson Airforce Base, Fort Carson, Illinois National Guard, FRG Groups at Fort Bliss, Fort Carson and Peterson Airforce Base

Non-Profit and Community Groups

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  • All of the programs, services and resources listed above
  • For your staff – Leadership Seminar: Crisis on the Horizon

Community groups we’ve worked with: Pike’s Peak Community Church, Sunrise Baptist Church, New Life Church