• Finding speakers who can truly understand and connect with your audience can be a challenge. At DASIUM, we are professional speakers who also have first-hand experience with the challenges your audience is facing. From depression, addiction & suicide ideation to stress & anxiety or parenting in crisis, we cover the tough topics in a way that creates hope and inspires action.

  • “The DASIUM team delivered a presentation that not only addressed a tough topic but provided the perfect mix of relevant information with insights gleaned from real life experience. Incredibly well done.”
  • “As someone that can relate to Geoffrey’s story it’s nice to know that things can get better. Thank you.”
  • “Many approach the issues of teen depression, addiction and suicide from a purely clinical framework. Very few carry the weight of personal experience like DASIUM does.”
  • “Judy and Geoffrey Davis tell it like it is blending hard-core information with the insight of a family’s dramatic challenge of a teen at risk”
  • "I’m glad I came... The information will help me talk to my roommate and get her the help she needs”.
  • “DASIUM spoke about all the stuff people prefer to ignore but really need to come to light to help someone who is struggling. Candid, open and honest”.
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