Programs and Services

At DASIUM, we’re passionate about sharing the unspoken truth surrounding depression, addiction and suicide in teens and young adults. We believe the most effective way to end this growing crisis is to get in front of the problem and support you in that effort in a variety of ways.

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Solutions that work for young adult depression, addiction and suicide ideation

Programs and Services:

Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops

Our speakers tackle the tough topics and real-life concerns about teen depression, addiction and suicide. They share their stories in a raw and experiential way while providing information and action steps that save lives. From keynotes and break-out sessions to panels and round table leaders, we have the speaker to meet your needs.
(We have both parents and student speakers as well as active-duty military dependents for military specific programs.)

Tragedy Assistance Program

If your community has been impacted by suicide our tragedy assistance program is a key step in helping your community heal. Our program is unique and addresses the crisis from both the parent and the youth perspective. Not only do we help parents who are worried that their child might be next but we provide hope to students who are having difficulty. We are able to adjust our schedule to meet your needs with this powerful program that includes:

  • Parent/Family Program: Warning Signs: Is Your Teen At Risk?
  • Student Program: Live to Tell Your Story: A Message of Hope

Subject Matter Expertise

Whether it’s an interview, group discussion, article submission or  subject matter questions, we can help. DASIUM has families who have lived through depression, addiction and suicide and are willing to cover the tough topics, openly share their experience and provide answers to your audience’s questions.

 Support Resources

As you reach out to youth and families or expand your programs, putting resources in their hands can be a valuable addition to your efforts. DASIUM creates resources for teens and young adults as well as their parents. These items may be customized and sponsored runs are also available for:

  • Warning Signs: A Parenting Guide for Discovering if Your Teen is at Risk for Depression, Addiction or Suicide
  • Parenting bookmark — How to Help
  • Teen/young adult and parent healthy stress relief card
  • Teen/young adult healthy stress relief and crisis resource number wallet card
  • Warning Signs student posters (in development)
  • Promotional products (mugs and tumblers, tote bags, pens, flash drives, notebooks, sticky notes, and much more) printed with positive messages and reminders or crisis information

Customized Programs

programs for colleges, military, communities and high schools

To discover which program is right for you, call Judy Davis

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