• Only 10 Seconds More – The Face of Depression

  • Over the last year, between a friend’s son passing and a wake-up call family event, I found myself having a hard time reading this message.  It felt too raw, to real and too painful.  But the reality is that it is RAW, it is REAL and things like Depression, PTSD and Anxiety are PAINFUL No amount of wishing them away works and, for those of us affected by loved ones dealing with these things, we are left with feelings ranging from helplessness to hope.

    And while it’s difficult to share even this little bit, what I do know after all these years helping others “find their path” is that keeping quiet is NEVER the answer.

    So as tears flood my eyes and I find my peace in it (you could also say ”piece” both work, I encourage you to embrace the mantra Mark shares. Embrace life, embrace YOU and know that there are so many people who see you as their rock, their inspiration and their hope even if you can’t see it in yourself. Things are never hopeless and sometimes it takes only 10 seconds to see that you are a gift to others and you have a purpose bigger than yourself. Don’t ever forget that…now to Mark’s story….

    A Personal Lesson From My Own Life . . .by Mark Hundley

    I know first hand the power of “only ten seconds more!” Back when dinosaurs were young and I was a freshman in high school, I too found myself at what I thought was the end of my rope. Depressed, despondent, defeated and disgusted with the way my life was playing out, I recall finding a small pistol that my mother kept hidden away for protection. She was at work and I was home alone. I remember pulling that small .22 caliber firearm out of its hiding place, holding it in my hand and feeling terrifyingly drawn to use it to end the struggles that so desperately tugged at my sense of self and worth.

    Back then, the “count to ten” mantra was etched in my mind so instead of reacting to the momentary pain — the temporary torment — I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and . . . counted to ten. After “only ten seconds more,” I opened my eyes, looked at the pistol in my hand and shivered in terror at what had almost transpired. I quickly put the gun back in its hiding place and went outside for a run — to remove myself as far from that wickedly deceptive temptation — and breathe the reality of possibility!

    Only ten seconds more saved me from a disastrous decision! Only ten seconds more deepened my understanding that hard times come and go — that a particular difficulty is rarely permanent! Only ten seconds more gave me a chance to reflect on my worth to myself and others. Only ten seconds more challenged me to find a way out of my funk and take charge of my ability to respond to life. Only ten seconds more allowed me time to attend to the seeds of vision for my life — seeds that continue to produce a harvest even today! Only ten seconds more gave me the opportunity to write this essay! Only ten seconds more!

    We are indeed in the midst of “mean times” that knock us off center only to force us to find ways to “live in the meantimes” — the times between the event and the continuation of our life in a “new normal!”

    May I encourage all of us to employ the wise advice shared in that service and work at giving ourselves and others “only ten seconds more” as the pressures of life attempt to force us to react rather than respond?

    TODAY, I encourage you to take only ten seconds more for that kiss; that hug; that hand-holding! Take only ten seconds more to listen; to care; to help out; to speak; to give! Take only ten seconds more to realize that people and relationships are more important than accomplishments and things. Take only ten seconds more to read that story to your child or grandchild. Take only ten seconds more to make that call; to write that note; to send that greeting; to say “thank you!”



    Mark Hundley is an author, public speaker and psychotherapist with a specific expertise in the areas of grief and life transitions (death, divorce, retirement, job loss or change, blending of families, etc.) His first book, “Awaken to Good Mourning“  was released in 2010 and is now available on Kindle, Nook, iBookstore and Sony Reader platforms.