One of the most challenging parts of having a mental illness is that even with treatment, some days are harder than others. This is exactly why healthy coping strategies make all the difference. When a difficult day rears it’s head, co-founder Geoffrey Davis takes to writing to relieve the stress and unrest. Today he shares Read More

When we think of addiction our minds naturally think of drugs and alcohol, but addiction comes in many forms. To be addicted simply means that you are physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance or action, and unable to stop without incurring adverse effects. Eating disorders fall under the addiction umbrella. If you think Read More

Once you get into the habit of having a drink or two to unwind after work, it’s difficult to imagine doing anything else. After a long day, how else are you going to escape your worries? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to unwind after work without alcohol. If you give them a chance, you Read More

I saw them, the cuts on my daughter’s arms. When I asked her about them she told me a story – a story I believed. Was it a believable story? Not really. But I didn’t want to see the truth. Time goes by and a year later I see more, more cuts on my daughter’s Read More

Who would have thought I would be able to be perfectly happy sitting at the same coffee shop every day after work, just doing a little bit of writing and hanging out with a group of people who I now consider to be family even though I’ve only known them for about two months. I sure as hell wouldn’t have thought Read More

For many people the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. It’s almost as though the answer lies in limbo; they are “almost” happy while at the same time they also feel “almost” depressed. Nothing definitive just the notion that things shouldn’t be so difficult . So how do you know if you are in fact depressed? This was a question Read More

This piece is a raw and passionate account with harsh language but for those who need this article I don’t think that is a concern. You matter to more people than you realize! If you’re one of my friends you matter to me! Please read this great piece by Britta Reque-Dragicevic founder of LifeAfterWar.Org You’re thinking about Read More

Over the last year, between a friend’s son passing and a wake-up call family event, I found myself having a hard time reading this message.  It felt too raw, to real and too painful.  But the reality is that it is RAW, it is REAL and things like Depression, PTSD and Anxiety are PAINFUL No amount of wishing them away works Read More

Last week was a highlight for me. It marked the end of a journey that I hadn’t asked to be on, in fact it was a nightmare that I’m happy to wake up from. I’ve written about my son’s suicide attempts, addiction to prescription meds and alcohol and his struggles with PTSD, Depression and Anxiety Read More

When my life gets busy it’s hard to keep up with our daily home life. When we were a family in crisis it was nearly impossible. All I wanted was to find balance and create a happier home, and I had no idea how to do it. I was so caught up in putting out fires and worrying about Read More

Parenting your teenager. Looking back there are so many things I wish I had done differently as a parent. Don’t get me wrong, I am a great mom, but there are times when I wish I had known better. From the moment we hold them in our arms we are responsible for our child’s physical and emotional Read More