• Beyond Addiction – A Beautiful New Life

  • Who would have thought I would be able to be perfectly happy sitting at the same coffee shop every day after work, just doing a little bit of writing and hanging out with a group of people who I now consider to be family even though I’ve only known them for about two months. I sure as hell wouldn’t have thought it possible when just a little over three years ago I would have looked at a guy like myself like he was a fucking idiot, and thought he was wasting his life. But that’s not the case, this new life I have stumbled across has provided me with everything I have ever wanted plus a whole lot more that I never thought possible.

    I spent the majority of my life stuck in envy, mad at the world, especially when I would see someone who had something I didn’t, or doing something I couldn’t. I never stopping to just appreciate what I had. And because of that I took everything for granted; friendships, family, material objects, and just about everything else you could think of. I mean how was I supposed to stop and smell the roses when all I could see was the shit? This new outlook on life was freely given to me and has made it possible for me to be grateful for all the little things I have and has helped me to be self-aware when I fall back into my old ways. 

    This beautiful new life I have today is only possible because of those who were willing to help me through a lot of difficult shit that I never thought I would be able to get past. And now its my turn to give that amazing gift back to someone who is just like me, who never thought that they would be able to enjoy life, let alone the simple things that have truly made all the difference.

    I’ve been told ever since I was a kid that I have my whole life in front of me, but I never really knew what that would mean for me because I fucking hated my life so why would I want more of it? But now I finally can see it, and let me tell you it looks absolutely amazing! And I can’t wait.

    For now I will continue to come to the same coffee shop with my friends and just enjoy this beautiful thing I call my new life.