• The DASIUM Co-Founder's Story

  • Geoffrey Davis was a young man in crisis who found the courage to reach out for help. At 20 years old, addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol, Geoffrey lost hope and attempted suicide. Not wanting others to suffer as he had, he wanted to share his story and help young adults with depression, addiction or suicidal thoughts realize they are not alone and help is available. He shared his idea with his mom…Judy.

  • Judy Davis is a nationally recognized speaker and business owner as well as an active duty military spouse and mom. She lived through the phone call telling her Geoffrey attempted suicide just hours before. When Geoffrey shared his idea with her, her business instincts kicked in. She instantly realized a business that could reach out, touch families and save lives was needed now, more than ever. She brought the idea to her friend and business partner…Sandy.

  • Sandy Fowler is a mom and entrepreneur. Although she didn’t know it yet, she was also a mom with a daughter in crisis. When Sandy first heard the business concept, she immediately started doing what she does best: sorting ideas into actionable strategies. As her own family’s story unfolded, she started sharing her story to help parents open their eyes to what’s really happening in their children’s lives.

  • Their combined experience and passion to bring awareness, knowledge and
    action to the growing crisis of teen and young adult suicide led to the birth of DASIUM.

  • Why the name DASIUM

    In choosing our name, we were inspired by the word ‘origo’ which means origin, beginning, or where you come from; and the Fields of Elysium, which is from Greek mythology: a plane of existence reserved for the souls of the most heroic and virtuous individuals – a place of peace and beauty.

    Since many of our clients are starting in a place where they are at risk for depression, addiction or suicide, we used the letters D from depression, A from addiction and S from suicide to represent those beginnings and what we want to prevent.

    Putting it all together, we have DASIUM; a team of people helping individuals, families and organizations wake up to and face the challenge of preventing teen and young adult depression, addiction and suicide.

    Who We Help

    • We help teens and young adults at risk for depression, addiction and suicide find hope.
    • We provide programs, tips, tools and resources to support parents in raising happy, successful emotionally healthy teens and twentysomethings.
    • We support high school, collegiate, military and community organizations with resources and programs for upstream prevention of depression, addiction and suicide in teens and young adults.

    Depression, addiction and suicide are not selective. Families from every race, income level, educational background and geographic location are finding themselves affected by this crisis. Challenges of life, technology, decreased amounts of family time and the introduction of social media along with the pressure to succeed creates mounting stress that our children don’t know how to handle. As they search to relieve the stress, some turn to drugs, alcohol, food, self-harm and thrill-seeking behavior. Couple that with a generation of parents who have never dealt with many of those challenges and we have a crisis. We show families another way and empower organizations with the tools they need to do the same.

    How We Help

    At DASIUM, we utilize the power of stories and personal experiences to deliver programs and resources in an engaging and effective way. We work upstream to awaken, educate and inspire actions that prevent depression, addiction and suicide. We reach out to:

    Teens and Young Adults - We provide coping strategies and a message of hope, guiding teens and twenty-somethings to reach out. We let them know they are not alone and it's OK to not be OK.

    Parents - We empower parents as we share the unspoken truth about the challenges facing their children. We educate them about at-risk behaviors, early warning signs and the importance of early intervention. We also share parenting tips and healthy coping strategies that help create emotionally healthy homes.

    Support Organizations and Leadership Teams - We supply products and programs that expand and support current prevention efforts. Additionally, we provide relevant program development expertise.

    Our targeted programs and resources provide insight and workable solutions from both the parent and child perspective, sharing the unspoken truth about families in crisis in a real, raw and relevant way.

  • The DASIUM Team