• Upstream solutions for the prevention of
    depression, addiction, and suicide
    in teens and young adults.

  • Being a teen or twentysomething can be challenging or overwhelming. We get it and want you to know #YouAreNotAlone. If you are looking for hope, concerned about a friend, or want information for yourself, then you are in the right place.

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  • Times have changed and we are challenged to parent in a whole new way. When our kids are young there are plenty of resources and encouragement, but as they reach the teen and young adult years it can be difficult to find what we need to parent effectively.  We can help.

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  • The prevention of depression, addiction, and suicide in our youth is no easy task. We also know, in order to win the war, we must work together to save lives. Our upstream programs, products, and services will help you support teens, twentysomethings, and parents in a unique and impactful way.

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  • At DASIUM, we utilize the power of stories and personal experiences to deliver programs and resources in an engaging and effective way. We work upstream to awaken, educate, and inspire action that prevents depression, addiction, and suicide. We reach out to:

    Teens and Young Adults - We provide coping strategies and a message of hope, guiding teens and twenty-somethings to reach out. We let them know they are not alone and it's OK to not be OK.

    Parents - We empower parents as we share the unspoken truth about the challenges facing their children. We educate them about at-risk behaviors, early warning signs, and the importance of prevention and early intervention. We also share parenting tips and healthy coping strategies that help create emotionally-healthy homes.

    Organizations and Leadership Teams - Our professional speakers, products, and services are designed to work in conjunction with your current prevention efforts or as a standalone outreach initiative. 

    Our targeted programs and resources provide insight and workable solutions from both the parent and child perspective, sharing the unspoken truth about families in crisis in a real, raw, and relevant way.

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  • “The DASIUM team delivered a presentation that not only addressed a tough topic but provided the perfect mix of relevant information with insights gleaned from real life experience. Incredibly well done.”
  • “DASIUM spoke about all the stuff people prefer to ignore but really needs to come to light to help someone who is struggling. Candid, open and honest.”
  • “Many approach the issues of teen depression, addiction and suicide from a purely clinical framework. Very few carry the weight of personal experience like DASIUM does.”
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